Research Platforms


College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xi’an Shiyou University (XSYU) was founded in 1958, formerly known as the Petroleum Refining Department of XSYU. After 60 years of reform and development, it has become a comprehensive college integrating teaching, scientific research, application development, and talent cultivation, including 3 departments of Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, and Environmental Engineering, 1 provincial experiment teaching demonstration center, and 1 instrumental analysis and testing center. Meanwhile, the College possesses multiple platforms for teaching and scientific research, such as the National Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Utilization of Petroleum and Petrochemicals (co-built unit, sub-laboratory), Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control and Reservoir Protection Technology of Oil and Gas Fields, Engineering Technology Research Center of Shaanxi Province for Oil and Gas Drilling and Pollution Control, Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Platform of Shaanxi Province for the Comprehensive Determination of Fluid Flow, and Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Shaanxi Province.

Currently, the College has 109 full-time teachers, 45 full and associate professors, 7 senior engineers and associate researchers, and 72 teachers with doctoral degrees. Among them, 2 have been selected as national candidates of the “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project”; 2 have won the honorary title of National “Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution”; 2 have been selected into the “Hundred-Talent Program” and 3 into the “Hundred-Young Talent Program” of Shaanxi Province; 1 has been awarded the title of “Expert with Outstanding Contribution” of Shaanxi Province, and 4 have won the title of “New Young Science and Technology Star of Shaanxi Province”. A teaching and research faculty team with reasonable structure and excellent quality has been formed.

The College has 4 undergraduate majors, namely, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Energy Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Applied Chemistry, among which the major of Chemical Engineering and Technology has been selected into the Outstanding Engineer Program of the Ministry of Education and the “First-class Major” Construction Project of Shaanxi Province and has passed the professional certification of engineering education. The College possesses a master’s degree program in the first-level discipline Chemical Engineering and Technology, covering 5 second-level disciplines of Applied Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Industrial Catalysis, Chemical Engineering, and Biochemical Engineering. It also possesses the qualification of professional master’s degree conferring in Materials and Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Engineering Project Management and boasts the Chemical Engineering and Technology, the preponderant discipline of Shaanxi Province.

In recent years, guided by the needs of regional and national economic development and relying upon the current preponderant discipline, the scientific research work of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has actively encouraged teams to carry out knowledge innovation, characteristic basic research, and applied basic research and gradually formed a number of innovation teams, such as the New Catalysts R&D of Energy and Chemical Industry, Pollution Control and Recycling of Oil and Gas Fields, Rapid Separation and Analysis of New Materials and Technologies, etc. The cetane number improver process for nitrification production of micro-channel reactor, low-temperature catalytic treatment technology for oily sludge, treatment and reuse technology for oily sewage in oil and gas fields, and a series of synthesis and application technologies for chemical additives in oil and gas fields that are developed by them have been industrialized or applied on site, with obvious advantages among similar universities and in the petroleum and petrochemical industry and distinctive and outstanding “petroleum and petrochemical” features.

In recent five years, teachers of the College have undertaken 336 scientific research projects, including Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 13115 Major Special Projects of Shaanxi Province, and cooperative projects with enterprises, with a total research fund of RMB 79.4821 million. They have won 6 Scientific Research Achievement Awards above the provincial and ministerial level, published 675 academic research papers, 303 of which are included in SCI, and 14 monographs and textbooks, and obtained 57 authorized patents for invention, 31 utility model patents, and 14 software copyrights.

In the process of talent cultivation, the College inherits the "Iron Man Spirit" and carries forward the tradition of “Three Honests and Four Stricts”. Closely revolving around the main line of study atmosphere construction, it actively establishes the undergraduate tutorial system and continuously improves the quality of education. The first employment rate of undergraduates has been kept above 95% and the rate of postgraduate entrance examination above 22% in recent years. The talents it cultivates, with such traits as “integrity, solid foundation, down-to-earth style of work, and pioneering and innovative spirit”, are welcomed by employers. Especially in the 4th round of discipline evaluation, the score of quality evaluation index of the College’s graduates ranks the 43rd, i.e., in the top 30%, in China.

At present, with a brand new spiritual outlook and adhering to the school-running philosophy of “People-oriented, Scientifically Developing, Quality-based, and Characteristic & Excellent”, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering focuses on the “double first-class” construction goal, unites and relies on the teachers and students, seizes opportunities, forges ahead in an innovative and enterprising spirit, works in a down-to-earth way, and continues to struggle to build itself into a domestic well-known and provincial first-class secondary college with distinctive features.