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Modern Analysis and Testing Center

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The Modern Analysis and Testing Center of Xi’an Shiyou University is a 24-hour online and open sharing platform for the teaching and scientific research of teachers and students on campus and the testing of large instruments and equipment in society, which is established on the basis of the Modern Instrument Analysis and Testing Center and the Oil Analysis and Testing Center of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The Center can be logged in via PC and APP on mobile phone, realizing all-weather services such as online registration, instrument browsing, instrument appointment, (non-) independent sample testing, file transfer, access control, and so on for users inside and outside the university. With a land area of about 700 m2, the Center possesses more than 80 sets of various instruments and equipment, covering a complete range and involving spectrum, chromatography, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, adsorption, surface property analysis, oil property analysis, determination of coal properties, etc.

Instrumental analysis of the Center can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis on the composition, structure, and properties of compounds; characterizing study on the surface, thermal, electrochemical, and adsorption properties of chemicals and materials; characterization of various spectral behaviors of compounds; and trace and micro-analysis of common anions and cations in waters and most elements in the periodic table.

Oil analysis of the Center can be used to carry out conventional evaluation test and simple comprehensive evaluation test on crude oil; analysis and testing of most items stipulated in the current national standards for three petroleum products -- automobile gasoline, jet fuel, and automobile diesel (including ordinary diesel); laboratory analysis and testing of most routine items in the quality indicators of various lubricants and greases; and analysis and testing of main routine items in the quality indicators of such products as petroleum wax, asphalt, and solvent oil.

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