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Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control Technology and Reservoir Protection of Oil and Gas Fields

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The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control Technology and Reservoir Protection of Oil and Gas Fields was approved for establishment by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology in Mar., 2007 and passed the acceptance inspection in 2011 and the operation evaluation in 2014 and 2017. It has been established as a scientific research and talent cultivation base, with recycling treatment of oily sewage and sludge in oil and gas fields as its main research direction, and has integrated disciplines such as environmental engineering, chemistry, applied chemistry, and chemical engineering. Among the laboratory staff, there are 9 professors, 14 associate professors, and 12 doctors. One is selected into the National Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project, 2 are experts enjoying the Special Subsidies of the State Council, 2 are the Experts with Outstanding Contribution of Shaanxi Province, 3 are the New Science and Technology Stars of Shaanxi Province, and 2 are the Young Top-notch Talents and 1 is the Young Backbone Teacher of the university. In recent 3 years, the Laboratory has undertaken 22 vertical projects with a total fund of RMB 7.89 million (including 4 national projects of RMB 2.97 million, 4 provincial and ministerial projects of RMB 3.86 million, and 14 bureau-level and departmental projects of RMB 1.06 million) and 34 horizontal scientific research projects with a total fund of RMB 17.918 million. Four of these scientific research projects have a fund of more than RMB 1.5 million each. It has won 1 provincial and ministerial award and 3 bureau-level and departmental awards (including 1 first prize), obtained 23 patents for invention and 8 utility model patents, and published 6 monographs and 87 papers (33 included in SCI and EI and 30 in core journals). Five person-times were awarded the Senior Level-1 title, and one was awarded the national honorary title twice. The Laboratory has achieved the popularization and application of 3 technologies and formed such characteristic technologies as reuse treatment of high-sulfur produced water, recycling and bio-safety treatment for oily sludge, liquid waste reuse treatment for oil and gas fields, synthesis and application of environment-friendly working fluid additives in oil and gas fields, and corrosion control of oil and gas fields.

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