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Petroleum Refining Engineering Technology Research Center

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The Petroleum Refining Engineering Technology Research Center is a cooperative center jointly built by Xi’an Shiyou University and Changqing Petrochemical Company. The Center will carry out various researches under the guidance of the tenets of striving to promote the development of the discipline Chemical Engineering and Technology of Xi’an Shiyou University, focusing on solving problems in the actual production of existing refining and chemical engineering plants of Changqing Petrochemical Company, and serving the on-site production.

Its main tasks include the research and development of new technologies and products of petroleum refining, popularization and application of new technologies and products of petroleum refining, active implementation of talent (including young teachers and postgraduate students) cultivation program, and promotion of the discipline construction of Chemical Engineering and Technology.

Its research directions include clean fuel (high-octane gasoline, low-sulfur gasoline and diesel, alcohol fuel) production technology; catalyst research technology (modification and characterization of cracking catalysts and olefin oligomerization); process optimization and plant’s technical renovation of petrochemical technology (fault diagnosis, comprehensive analysis of system, optimization control); research, popularization, and application of new separation technology; and development and application of energy-saving, anti-corrosion, and environmental protection technologies in petroleum refining process.

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