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Lubricant Engineering Technology Center

2020-12-21 17:14:30  views:[]

The Lubricant Engineering Technology Center is a high-level research platform jointly built by the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Xi’an Petroleum Jarn Industrial Co., Ltd. Based on the development strategies of Shaanxi Province and China for energy conservation and emission reduction in the future, development characteristics of lubricants, and characteristics of the demand for lubricants in the future, the Center proactively conducts researches on clean lubricants, biodegradable lubricants, nano-lubricating materials, and refined lubrication management, develops key preparation technology for new generation of clean biodegradable lubricating materials, and actively realizes the industrialization of new technologies. It has formed new breakthrough points in the chemical disciplines of the university in three directions, namely, basic research on lubrication and friction, preparation technology of lubricating materials, and refined lubrication management. Meanwhile, through industry-university-research combination, it timely grasps the dynamics and demand of lubricant market to guide its scientific research and share testing and analytical instruments and equipment to provide a professional practice base for postgraduate students, enrich the cultivation connotation of masters of Engineering, and provide a platform and services for discipline construction.

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